Canoeing in Roquebrun: great fun for the whole family

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It’s an active summer, despite the scorching heat. In fact, because of the hot weather going on a canoe trip is a very good idea. You exercise while the water of the cold river is a cool welcome. There are many, many canoe rentals in Languedoc-Roussillon. I went to the one in Roquebrun.

The right gear

My brother and sister-in-law and cousin were visiting, and together with our little family, we went off to beautiful Roquebrun. In total we were with eight people, so we reserved three canoes: two canoes for three persons (two adults with one of our eight-year-old twin in the middle) and one canoe for two persons with the tough guys (the cousin and our oldest of 11 years old). When arriving at the rental place, you will get all the right gear. Basically, you will get a lifejacket, a waterproof storage container and of course the canoe with a pair of paddles.

Just in time

You can make several day trips, from 5 to 21 kilometres and even two or three-day trips. We went for the shortest one of 5 kilometres. A shuttle bus is driving up and down the different starting points. Our shuttle bus left at half past 12 and we were requested to be present at 11 o’clock. This will leave you enough time to fill out a form, pay and get your gear. We arrived quite late but fortunately, it all went very fast, and we were still in time for the shuttle bus of 12h30.


After arriving at Ceps, we received a brief explanation of an instructor (in French and English!). And off we went! Lifejackets: check, paddles: check, helmets for the little ones: check double check. We didn’t get much time to slowly getting familiar with the canoe, as soon enough we encountered our first rapid. Phew! As I don’t canoe very often, I thought it was quite exciting. And I was not the only one… But it went fantastic; we did not hit a rock nor fell into the water. We even had time to enjoy the beautiful surroundings.

Fantastic view

After a while, it was time for a swimming break. Canoes ashore and – hop – dip in the river. The water is a real refreshment, nice and cool! It gave us new energy to continue our trip. You will meet other canoeists; however, this doesn’t bother at all as everyone canoes at their own pace. After about two hours we arrived in Roquebrun again. After handing in our gear, we felt quite hungry. So we decided to eat at the restaurant on the spot, called the Guinguette. A tasty salad for the ladies and the men and children were served with hot dogs and fries. To top it off with a fantastic view of the Orb and Roquebrun. What a perfect day!


The website of Canoë Roquebrun provides you with all the necessary information, such as prices, trips and answers on frequently asked questions. They also rent out stand up paddles. Children of six years and older can join you, as long as they can swim well. A canoe needs to be booked in advance; you can do this via the website or by phone. As you are on the water, do think about sun protection (sunburn creme, hat).


Just before arriving at Roquebrun (coming from Saint-Chinian or Cessenon), turn left before the bridge, and you will find Canoë Roquebrun on your right side. There is enough free parking space.

Canoë Roquebrun
Chemin de Laroque
34460 Roquebrun
+33 (0)4 67 89 52 90

Canoë Roquebrun

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