Happy kids at the Haribo Musée du Bonbon

By February 6, 2018KIDS, TO DO

When visiting the Gard department with children, you are almost obliged to take them to the Musée du Bonbon. Now, this is a museum the kids won’t complain going to. The entire museum is about candy. Haribo candies that is.

Tourist trap

As I had spoken with some people and read some reviews, I was expecting Le Musée du Bonbon to be a tourist trap, disguised as a commercial and non-interactive museum. This time it was me who wasn’t too happy about the visit. Le Musée du Bonbon already opens in the morning, but even I thought that was a bit too enthusiastic. So we went in the afternoon, around the French goûter time. Plus it was around Halloween when all the French kids are off enjoying their “Toussaint” holiday. Way to go for my planning skills. Let’s say we weren’t quite alone…

Bright and colourful

To my surprise, it wasn’t too bad. In fact, it was quite entertaining. It already started at the entrance, when we got little bags of candies and tokens to throw in the candy machines. The excitement was running high! Following the numbers, you will get to see the whole museum, starting with some history. All very bright and colourful, not too much information, but interesting enough for a short explanation. After all, we were here for the candy! As it was Halloween, the children did a treasure hunt. And Halloween characters were distributing sweets throughout the whole museum. Especially the Mad Hatter was brilliant!

A dream come true

After absorbing enough information, eating some candies (our kids are very picky regarding sweets) and playing some games, we were ready for the last floor. Finally, we understood why we were given the tokens at the entrance of the museum. You could pick an old assembly machine with the candy of your choice, and after inserting the token, a few little bags rolled out. You cannot exit the museum without paying a visit to the shop. This museum shop was all our kids dreamt off: all kinds of sweets in huge packages. Phew… After spending a fair amount of time in the shop, we finally could go. This was a sweet and sugary visit our kids absolutely loved!


If you only want to buy candy in bulk, you can go into the shop without visiting the museum. Entrance fee for kids from 5 till 15 is 5 euro, adults pay 7 euro. These fees include some candy and one token per person for the candy machines. More info is on their very colourful website.

Musée du Bonbon Haribo
Pont des Charrettes
30700 Uzès
+33 (0)4 66 22 74 39


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