Walking around the former salt-lagoons of Peyriac-de-Mer

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It was a beautiful Spring day, and I felt like walking. As I had seen gorgeous pictures of the étangs of Peyriac-de-Mer, I soon enough made up my mind. There are several hikes you can do, walking around “La Saline” or “l’étang du Doul”. I decided I would choose which track to follow once I was there, but I definitely wanted to walk the boardwalks that cross parts of the former salt-lagoons.


Peyriac-de-Mer is a sweet little village, located on the banks of a string of lagoons. La Saline has been producing salt since the antiquity! I headed for the free parking on the Rue des Salins. Although it was a Thursday, many people had had the same idea as me. Let’s say I wasn’t alone… However, it was already worth it just standing in front of La Saline. I couldn’t stop taking pictures, and I hadn’t even started walking yet…

Left side

My suggestion is that you begin on the left side of the parking lot, as here you immediately start on a boardwalk. A big information sign showed me several hikes. I decided to do the shortest one, as I had to pick up the children from school. The sign mentions that the yellow walk is 5 kilometres and takes 2.5 hours. As I didn’t see any significant mountains, I couldn’t imagine walking for 2.5 hours for only 5 kilometres. So I took the gamble.


I very much enjoyed the first part of the hike. Because of the boardwalk, you are very close to the water, and it made me feel more part of the surroundings. After the first boardwalk part, I was walking right on the passway in the middle of the water, which takes you to some more boardwalks, giving me a stunning view on La Saline and Peyriac-de-Mer. Apparently, the hikes are marked: the walk around the lagoon has yellow signs. But I completely missed them! Well, the short hike wasn’t too complicated, as it is quite obvious how to complete the lap.

Photo stops

In the end, I only walked around La Saline. This route is 3 kilometres and took me 45 minutes. Including many photo stops… Unfortunately, I didn’t spot any flamingos or pelicans. Chances are high that you might spot them when visiting Peyriac-de-Mer. So I have to come back again. I don’t mind at all. Can’t wait to do the big hike!


You can do several hikes at Peyriac-de-Mer. The area is stunningly beautiful, and it is good fun just walking around La Saline. As this is a short, easy walk, it is very accessible with kids. Pay attention to the young ones though, as there are no barriers on the boardwalks.


There is free parking on the banks of La Saline, which you can find on Rue des Salins, passing restaurant Les Rosiers des Salins on NR 21.

Maison du Tourisme Peyriac-de-Mer
From September till June:
2 place de la Mairie
11440 Peyriac-de-Mer
+33 (0)4 68 42 38 42


Maison du Tourisme Peyriac-de-Mer
From July till August:
Foyer de l’Étang
rue de l’Étang
+33 (0)4 68 70 99 54


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