Meet sharks in the Aquarium Planet Ocean in Montpellier

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A favourite trip for our children is to the Aquarium “Planet Ocean” in Montpellier. Every year we go at least once. Mainly for the kids, but I always like going there myself as well. We have already been to quite a few aquariums; this is definitely one of the most beautiful.

Amazing underwater world

From the outside, Planet Ocean does not look very inspirational, but once inside you enter an amazing underwater world. “Mare Nostrum” means “our sea” in Latin, which is what the Romans used to call the Mediterranean. They considered it to be their sea, as the Roman Empire reached as far as the Mediterranean.

Travel around the world

Follow the marked path and you will encounter different worlds and their inhabitants. All very beautifully designed. Via the Mediterranean, you reach a huge aquarium where you can admire real sharks, stingrays and other greats. After that, you can also visit the Southern Seas, Oceania and a tropical rainforest.

Exciting experience

Not only are the fish and other aquatic animals beautiful to watch, but there are also plenty of other things to do and experience. You can get on a boat in a storm, for example. Or you can be a real investigator at the “Abysses Station”, a submarine simulator at 3,782 feet below sea level.

Starfish selfie

There is also an educational section, where you will get to know everything about the sea and all kinds of aquatic animals. If you’re lucky, you can even hold a starfish or sea hedgehog. Every week, especially during French holidays, you will find many demonstrations, feeding and training sessions.


The Planet Ocean website provides a lot of information both on the aquarium and the planetarium. Check their website before you go to see what’s on. They say that a visit to the aquarium takes about 2.5 hours. You certainly need that amount of time to discover everything!


The aquarium is located outside Montpellier, in the large shopping centre “Odysseum” in the district “Millénaire”. The advantage of this is that there are enough parking spaces, the first two hours are even free. Tip: park your car for free at IKEA and walk to the aquarium if you plan to stay longer than two hours.

Planet Ocean
Allée Ulysse – Odysseum
34000 Montpellier
+33 (0)4 67 13 05 50


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