The best burgers and fish and chips at La Charnière in Béziers

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If you ever have an urgent craving for a decent burger or fish and chips, La Charnière in Béziers is the place to go. This British pub slash restaurant in the vibrant heart of Béziers serves delicious homecooked pub food. The “Briterrois” styled restaurant serves lunch and dinner seven days a week. Yes, even on Sundays and Mondays that is!

The perfect gourmet burger

On a beautiful Indian summer day, chéri and I went to have lunch on the cosy terrace outside. No starter, we went straight for the food the restaurant is known for. La Charnière knows how to make the perfect gourmet burger, using fresh and local products. The menu has its classics, including the iconic Johnny burger. This burger is named after founder Johnny Howard, former ASBH rugby player, who opened the pub in 2013. Chéri went for the chef’s suggestion though, a chicken burger with mango chutney. He didn’t speak while eating it, so I suppose it was good.

Fish and chips

Besides the burgers, La Charnière also serves a lovely fish and chips. Although I like a good burger, I went for this option. I got a big chunk of fish wrapped in a crispy homemade beer batter and accompanied with wedges, the inevitable peas (that actually tasted very good, thanks to the great seasoning with fresh mint leaves) and a delicious ravigote dip. Ultimately paired with a cold beer from local brewery “La Gorge Fraîche”. Perfect combination!

Café gourmand

There was little room left for dessert, so we went for the café gourmand. This is our number one dessert in any French restaurant, as you get to taste a selection of mini desserts. We were very lucky, as La Charnière’s café gourmand included all our favourites: lemon meringue pie, chocolate royal and a raspberry cheesecake. All very good! Completely satisfied after this great lunch, we rolled back home. And had a very light dinner much later that evening.


La Charnière is situated in the middle of Béziers centre. Staff speaks both French and English. You can park your car at the Jean Jaurès parking lot.

La Charnière
22 Boulevard Jean Jaurès
34500 Béziers
+33 (0)7 85 06 37 65


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