Great discovery: La Petite Table in Assignan

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I have written about Village Castigno and Assignan’s restaurants before (see here and here), and no, I don’t have shares in either. It just happens to be that there is another excellent restaurant in this tiny Languedoc village that needs your attention: La Petite Table. This slow food restaurant, tapas and wine bar serves beautiful dishes full of fresh flavours. And look at the setting! Who wouldn’t want to have lunch at this idyllic Southern French market square?!


It might seem that Chéri and I never work and only enjoy the good life. We do work now and then, however, we also like to combine it with discovering our region. This time we brought friends along to show off one of our best-loved villages. Whenever I come to Assignan, I get this happy feeling. The violet and pink houses, the red parasols and the colourful flowers bring an instant smile to my face. Good food helps as well. So once I’d ordered the perfect ceviche as a starter, I was in heaven.


Although the Chef Pablo Gutierrez knows how to roast meat, we all went for fish. It was simply described as “trout with salad”, but it was more than that. The trout was filled with fresh dill and had melted cheese on top. When the cold, white Castigno wine arrived, we toasted to the holidays. Even though Chéri and I still had to work. Very hard.


All of us opted for the full three-course menu at 24 euros, including starter, main and of course dessert. We could choose from a chocolate mousse, crème brûlée or red berries with a mascarpone cream. I had the last one and it was delicious. As no one said another word, I assume that the other desserts were good as well. While having lunch, we found out about a new wine cave. Also part of the Castigno family. Considering the really cool design of this cave, I feel another post coming. To be continued…


La Petite Table is situated in Assignan, also known as “Village Castigno”. The most convenient place to park is at the parking lot on Rue Cariera de la Teuliera. From there you can easily walk to La Petite Table.

La Petite Table
Rue Carriera Granda
34360 Assignan
+33 (0)4 67 24 26 41


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