Perfect food and wine pairing at Le Chameau Ivre in Béziers

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restaurant Le Chameau Ivre Béziers

Life is too short to drink bad wine, as they say in France. However, sometimes it might be a bit difficult to choose which wine to go with your lunch or dinner. That’s why I like to eat at a wine bar, where they know their wines. One of my favourite wine bars is Le Chameau Ivre in Béziers. They stock no less than 2,800 bottles of wine (!), and they know how to pair each one with their great food.

Drunken camel

Le Chameau Ivre, which means “the drunken camel”, lies in the heart of Béziers. Right on the renovated Place Jean Jaurès with its musical fountains. So while Chéri and I were having dinner, we were treated to a free light show right in front of us. The wine bar offers tapas and several menus. We opted for the 32 euro ‘Menu Quatre Saveurs’, starting with a simple yet delicious gazpacho made of “coeur de boeuf” tomatoes.

restaurant Le Chameau Ivre Béziers


At Le Chameau Ivre you can choose from uncomplicated or refined dishes to accompany some great wines. This mix of the simple and the gourmet is evident in the main courses we ordered. A “médaillon de cochon aux olives et citron confit” (pork medallions with olives and pickled lemons) for Chéri perfectly paired with a local red wine (forgot the name…). Meanwhile, I had an appetising “dos de maigre avec un risotto à l’encre de seiche” (meagre with squid ink risotto) to go with my glass of Chardonnay.

restaurant Le Chameau Ivre Béziers

Wine per glass

It is perfectly normal to order wine per glass instead of a whole bottle. So we both ordered a small dessert wine to go with our last course. Chéri couldn’t resist the tiramisu, while I dug into a little cake called “financière”. I completely understand why Le Chameau Ivre is a popular place in Béziers, both in summer and winter, so consider booking a table before you go.

restaurant Le Chameau Ivre Béziers


You’ll find wine bar Le Chameau Ivre right on the Place Jean Jaurès in the centre of Béziers. They have a very wide selection of the most beautiful wines, presented by region. Wine is served per glass or bottle. Foodwise you can choose between tapas, à la carte and several set menus. You can park your car at the Jean Jaurès parking lot.

Le Chameau Ivre
15 place Jean Jaurès
34500 Béziers
+33 (0)4 67 80 20 20


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