Gastronomic dining at Octopus in Béziers

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When Chéri and I moved here in 2012, the first restaurant we went to celebrate was Octopus in Béziers. Somehow we never returned, although the food was excellent. A couple of weeks ago, we went to this gastronomic restaurant again. I heard about the new chef, Franck Radiu, who took over from Fabien Lefebvre in 2017. He hasn’t got a Michelin star – yet – but it won’t be long.

Michelin star

Apparently, Michelin stars don’t transfer when a restaurant changes chefs, as is the case with Octopus. It will take Michelin a while to judge the new chef. Meanwhile, we enjoyed every course of our gastronomic dinner. I couldn’t resist the six-course menu as it offers 2 (TWO!) desserts. Decision made, wine menu added, off we went with some tasteful amuse-gueules. To be followed by a starter of shrimp carpaccio. Let the fine dining begin!

Fish and meat

Franck Radiu and his team know how to treat you well. This shows in the fresh food they serve, and the way it is all beautifully presented. As our main, we had two dishes. The first one included a fillet of rouget (“mullet”), served with seasonal vegetables and a fish sauce. The second course was an ash crusted piece of lamb. All flavours married very well together.

Sweet courses

After all these beautiful dishes, time came for the most interesting part of the dinner: the desserts! It started with a selection of fantastic cheeses, which didn’t count as a dessert. So in fact there were three dessert courses. Yay! As Chéri isn’t a cheese fan, he got another dessert instead of a cheese platter. Lucky him! The first sweet course was a gorgeous pallet of a citrus style dessert, combining lime, chocolate and sesame seeds. Just wow.


A sweet soufflé served with a passion fruit cream finished off our more than perfect dinner. At least, that is what I thought. When getting our coffee and tea, we were served from another trolley with all the best pastries. Although we were quite satisfied by this time, we couldn’t resist a tray full of sweet goodies. A selection of macarons, lemon pie, chocolate cake and meringue, all in mini versions, topped off our excellent dinner at Octopus. This time we won’t wait another six years to return!


Octopus only offers set menus. Chéri and I opted for the six-course surprise menu, presented as: “Le Chef s’occupe de vous en six temps” (70 euro). You can also choose between 4 and 8 courses, with a matching wine menu. Check their website for up to date prices.


L’Octopus is situated in the centre of Béziers. There is enough parking space in the parking lot at Place Jean Jaurès, and from here it is a short walk to the restaurant.

Restaurant Octopus
12 rue Boieldieu,
34500 Béziers
+33 (0)4 67 49 90 00


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