Keep your style during summer with these 5 tips from Charlotte Amiel

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Summer still goes strong in August! Pretty much the whole of France is in holiday mode. So if you’re like me and would like to know how French women keep their style, even when it’s hotter than blazes outside, you might want to read these tips from the classy Charlotte Amiel.

Weekly tips

Being the owner of clothes boutique Et Si…, Charlotte breathes style. Her concept store is located in Agde, close to the Mediterranean Sea. So she knows about hot summers. And she has that natural “je-ne-sais-quoi”. Time to ask her to reveal some of her secrets to look stylish in summer. (PS All pictures are from Charlotte’s Instagram).

How to survive la canicule in style?

… or rather: how to remain stylish when the thermometer hits 35 °C or more? The recurring question “What to wear this morning?” takes another dimension when you live in our beautiful region. Key is to find the outfit that will help you to endure the sometimes very hot days. We all know that in summer we could do with only a pair of denim shorts, a white tank top and sandals. But summer is long and if you don’t want to get depressed, you need other alternatives. So here is the essential dress code to be like a real Méditerranéenne!

1. The basis

Let’s start with the basis of the famous trio: a pair of denim shorts – white tank top – sandals. I opt for shorts in a light denim, a cotton tank top (exit synthetic materials) and leather sandals with the least amount of straps to avoid turning your feet into sausages (1).

2. Floral dress

Another essential for your summer dressing is the long floral dress (2). Preferably chosen in fabrics like muslin or cotton voile, buttoned from top to bottom and with sleeves. Yes, sleeves!! Why? Because you will transform your day outfit into an elegant night one, combining your unbuttoned floral dress with linen, silk or seersucker trousers with a small top in light lingerie style.

3. Trousers

A pair of trousers! It’s not because it’s hot that we can ban them! I prefer striped seersucker pants for a nautical style. The seersucker fabric, which is made of a very light material, will bring you coolness on hot days. For the evening I will put on a pair of oversized silk trousers that breezes in the wind. Wear it with a simple T-shirt or again with your little satin slip cami for a more chic look.

4. Long pleated skirt

Another essential: the long pleated skirt in a cotton or muslin fabric (3). To wear during day and evening for a bohemian look while staying cool.

5. Beach blouse

To conclude with a light beach blouse, always in cotton so you can wear it when going to the beach, as well as to have a stroll at the end of the day. Add a belt, because even when it’s hot, you don’t let your style melt in the sun!



Et Si… concept store
4 rue Ernest Renan
34300 Agde
+33(0)4 67 94 05 64


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