Stay pretty in the heat with these beauty tips from Little Gabchou

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Living in the South of France pretty much gives you this holiday feeling all the time. The sun is out there on more than 300 days per year! In summer, when the temperature is rising, it can be a challenge to keep your style. Clothes get sticky, and makeup just melts off your face. Therefore I need tips from experts living in the South of France, like Miglena from the blog “Little Gabchou”.

Weekly tips

You could say that the lovely Miglena is a real beauty expert. On her blog she shows how you can make your own healthy, homemade cosmetics. How cool is that! The perfect girl to ask for some tips about how to survive the ongoing heatwave in style. (PS All pictures are from Miglena’s Instagram).


I love summer with its scents of sun-warmed figs and sunny beaches. But I must admit that it is not always easy to stay flawless in the sweaty heat of the South. To deceive the disadvantages of a heat wave, I use very simple and, above all, natural beauty tips. I am an adept to natural and homemade products produced with clean and pure ingredients.

Mineral makeup

To have a fresh skin colour that does not run off during the day, I prefer using a light and mineral-based makeup. It often comes in powder or pigment form and doesn’t contain any artificial preservatives. Advantages? The mineral makeup mattifies the skin colour, absorbs talc, and thanks to the presence of minerals like zinc; it stops small heat pimples from forming.


And to stay fresh all day, I make my own 100% natural, homemade deodorant and use, and abuse, scented body mists! You can easily make your own scented body mist by putting a little hydrosol (floral water) with lavender, blackcurrant or vanilla scent, including a few drops of citrus essential oils in a spray flask. You can spray this mixture on your body throughout the day. This will cool you off, and it will gently soften and delicately aromatise your skin. Result guaranteed!


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