Not to miss street theatre festival “La Foire des Grenouilles” in Saint-Geniès-de-Fontedit

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Every year on Whitsunday, the streets of Saint-Geniès-de-Fontedit are turned upside down. During “La Foire des Grenouilles” festival, the centre of the lovely circular village becomes the stage of street theatre, concerts, art and much more. And all the performances are for free. That’s right! It doesn’t cost a thing. As in zilch, zero, nada.


Together with friends and a bunch of kids of all ages, our happy family went off. I had never heard of this festival, until last year. Apparently, I was the only one, as it is a well-known event in the Hérault department. Let’s say we weren’t alone… The first obstacle was difficult to pass with the children: giant wooden games immediately drew their attention. After a fair bit of playing, we continued our stroll and passed a great market with all kinds of local products. No lingering around though, as we came for the theatre.

Follow the arrows

At the information centre in the middle of the village, we got the program of the day, which is set up very conveniently. Each performance is marked with a colour, corresponding with a street arrow painted in the same colour. You only have to follow the right arrow to get at the performance you want to see. The theatre shows start in the afternoon as of 14h00. And the party goes on until late in the night. While enjoying a drink and a bite, you can listen to and dance at the final concert of the festival.

Small alleys

Saint-Geniès-de-Fontedit is one of those typical southern French villages, located in the hinterland of Béziers. We went on an expedition through the small alleys with charming houses to find our performances. Along the way, we encountered all sorts of art and objects. Last year this included some very large underpants. According to the kids, someone had probably lost it and would come looking for it…


The nice thing about the performances we saw last year was that they were all interactive with the audience. Some shows included classical music; others combined circus with slapstick. However, all of them brought a big smile of the faces of the little ones. And the grown-ups too. Did I already mention that all performances are for free??? We can’t wait till this year’s edition!


La Foire des Grenouilles is held every year on Whitsunday in Saint-Geniès-de-Fontedit. The shows are for free and accessible to everyone. More information can be found on their facebook page. You don’t need to understand French, as many shows are without spoken word.

Foyer Rural
Rue des Pins
34480 Saint-Geniès-de-Fontedit
+33 (0)6 40 20 60 47


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