Take a stroll in the lovely Jardins de la Fontaine in Nîmes

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The remarkable park “Les Jardins de la Fontaine” is an oasis of green amid ancient Nîmes. I realised that I visited the gardens before when climbing the Tour Magne. However, I didn’t know there is a whole lower part to discover. This haven of peace and tranquillity offers the perfect scenery to wander for a couple of hours.

First public park

Les Jardins de la Fontaine date from the 18th century. It is, in fact, one of the first public parks in Europe. I enter the gardens via the Quai de la Fontaine by passing a gorgeous gateway. I spend a fair amount of time to admire the fountains and the majestic staircase, surrounded by Mediterranean plants and trees.

Founding source

In 1745, the military engineer of King Louis XV, Jacques Philippe Mareschal, created Les Jardins de la Fontaine right at the founding source of Nîmes. This Gallic source “Nemausus” was named after an ancient Gallic God. Mareschal’s inspiration came from the gardens “à la Française”, using large symmetrical alleys and tree alignments. The whole got richly decorated with balusters, statues and vases, giving it a very photogenic view!

Roman monuments

Les Jardins de la Fontaine covers no less than 15 hectares on a hill called Mont Cavalier. Even this public park in Nîmes has some Roman monuments. The first one is found when you follow the gardens to the highest point of the city: La Tour Magne (you can read my previous post about Nîmes and La Tour Magne here).

Temple de Diana

La Tour Magne is not the only Roman monument of Les Jardins de la Fontaine though. Right before I want to take a break at the terrace of a lovely café, I discover the remains of La Temple de Diana. This ancient Roman temple got created in the first century BC and was part of an “Augusteum”, or a sanctuary dedicated to Nemausus and the imperial cult. Over a cup of tea, I dreamily gaze over the green park. It’s a special place where you easily can spend some time to escape the city bustle!


Les Jardins de la Fontaine are accessible freely. The main gateway is at the Quai de la Fontaine, but you can also enter the park via the gateway after crossing the bridge Pont Rue Agrippa. From here you can walk all the way to the tower Tour Magne to get a magnificent view over Nîmes.

Office de Tourisme
6 rue Auguste
30000 Nîmes
+33 (0)4 66 58 38 00


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