Laughter and excitement during our electric scooter tour

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Electric scooter tour

To celebrate the end of our summer holiday, I decided to surprise my family with an electric scooter tour of Roquebrun. After all the hikes we’d been on over the summer, I thought I’d plan something without too much physical effort. Also, the kids had wanted to go on these electric scooters ever since we had visited Marseille earlier this year. So, I thought that a leisurely cruise around the beautiful surroundings of Roquebrun, without the risk of getting run over by traffic, would be a cool plan.

Good to go

I booked a tour via Déval’trot in Roquebrun. In fact, I’d had their brochure lying on my desk for years. Lucky I waited that long, as this year is the first year that they offer tours with electric scooters. The family and I set out on quite a hot day, so we were happy that the tour took place in the afternoon. After putting on our protective gear and an explanation from Pascal, our group of about ten people was good to go. We started with a little practice, after which we headed to the extensive vineyards that are everywhere around Roquebrun.

Electric scooter tour


You can rent a scooter from the age of ten. Our kids are used to biking (how Dutch…), so they got the hang of the scooters soon enough. Though for our twins, who are only just ten years old, it took a little while longer to ride confidently. Soon however, they too could keep up with the group. The first part of the 2-hour tour started gently, soon to be followed by a more challenging path with some descents a meter high. Don’t worry though if you don’t feel comfortable jumping with your scooter; the professional guide helped us all to follow the path safely.

Electric scooter tour

Most liked

Pascal followed after the group with his four-wheel drive, allowing us to have a break after the challenging parts. Some welcome sips of water and we could continue on our way to a more relaxing path, including a bit on the road. The views were absolutely stunning and we had a blast riding our scooters. After a couple of hours, we arrived back at the meeting point at the Cave Cooperative of Roquebrun. Wine, cool water, local cheese and cold cuts with an original homemade watermelon/orange jam awaited us while we caught our breath. Riding an electric scooter is physical effort after all… Not surprisingly, the kids thought two hours of scooter riding wasn’t enough. It was definitely the most liked trip of our summer holiday this year!

Electric scooter tour


We rented our electric scooters from Déval’trot in Roquebrun, but there are more organisations in the region. Déval’trot offers guided tours year-round, by reservation only. During the summer months they have even more tours organised. You can ride an electric scooter from the age of 10 years old. The price is 25 euros per person, including the use of protective equipment.


The meeting-point for Déval’trot is the Cave Cooperative in Roquebrun. Where you can also park your car for free.

81 Avenue des Orangers
34460 Roquebrun
+33 (0)6 06 71 25 85


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