Les Vagues in Grau d’Agde serves excellent beach food

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Les Vagues Grau d'Agde

It is a real joy to live in the South of France during the summer season. Beautiful weather makes every day feel like it’s a holiday, even at home. To keep that holiday feeling, Chéri and I decided to have dinner on the beach. Years ago, we had an extraordinary lunch at the beach restaurant Les Vagues in Grau d’Agde. I wanted to go and see if they still served the same high-quality food.


Once we arrived at Les Vagues, it felt like we had stepped into another world. An Asian Temple to be precise. The stylish outside flowed into the equally stylish inside through wooden floors, with enormous Buddha statues and oriental art tastefully scattered all around. And above us, an eye-catching open roof construction with symmetrical wooden beams! All this literally a few steps from the sandy beach. Cocktails in hand, the starry sky above us, the sea in front of us and we were ready to order from the set-menu (two courses 39 euros, three courses 49 euros).

Les Vagues Grau d'Agde


Chéri normally lets me pick the restaurant without asking any questions. So when I told him we were going to have dinner at the beach, he wasn’t quite expecting a gastronomic feast. One glimpse at the menu told us we were at the right spot for exquisite food. Starting with a heavenly sliced tuna on crunchy brick pastry for Chéri and creamy lobster ravioli for myself. Chéri continued with a flavourful conchiglie pasta served with squid, scallops and king prawns, while I travelled deeper into Asia with a richly filled monkfish curry. Paired with a fantastic wine by Laurent Miquel and our Ramoneta of the Month Neasa Miquel.

Les Vagues Grau d'Agde


The best was yet to come… The gourmand tarte tatin left Chéri speechless and was the perfect combination of apple, caramel and ice cream. I had to order the lemon cake, which is my favourite dessert during the summer. And I was delighted too! No better way to end this beautiful dinner than with a short beach walk, with the moon reflecting in the Mediterranean Sea.

Les Vagues Grau d'Agde


Restaurant Les Vagues is perfectly placed on the beach of Grau d’Agde from April to September. It has an Asian vibe, decor-wise and food-wise. Chef Thierry Grard gets his inspiration from his travels to Asia. He and his team cook passionately with top quality ingredients, to create a modern and creative cuisine with exotic twists.


There is free parking right in front of the restaurant.

Les Vagues
Chemin du Littoral Prolongé
Parking des dunes
34300 Grau d’Agde
+33 (0)4 67 39 08 63


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