5 tips from My Urban Sweetnesses to survive la canicule in Montpellier

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Summer in the South of France seems like a non-stop heatwave, called “la canicule”. Being a northern European girl, I am not exactly used to these temperatures. And even after all those years I’m living in the South, it takes me a week each year to adapt to the heat. Which makes me wonder: how on earth keep the Françaises their cool?!

Weekly tips

Time to ask some French girls if they would reveal some of their secrets to survive a heatwave during summer. This week’s post by the stylish Jeanne from Montpellier blog “My Urban Sweetnesses” gives you tips about spending a summery day in Montpellier. (PS All pictures below are from Jeanne’s Instagram).

Morning walk in Montpellier

When I’m not in my comfortably air-conditioned office :), I take advantage of the relative coolness of the morning to walk in the historical centre of Montpellier called L’Ecusson. I love to walk along the small streets, raise my head and admire the facades of old buildings and mansions. Behind the austere facades, I often discover a beautiful courtyard with monumental stairs.

Have a chaï latte and do some shopping

I like to meet up with a friend and get a very fresh chaï latte at “Extra Shot” in rue de l’Aiguillerie, right in the shade of the Basilica Notre Dame des Tables. At the bottom of this street, I walk along the old Couvent des Ursulines, turned into the International Dance City “L’Agora”, and I find myself at the boulevard Louis Blanc. I pay a visit to the nice decor shop “Léon Le Caméléon”. Here you’ll find everything from dishes (I found a very nice cutting board last Saturday) to beautiful accessories like these gorgeous travel bags that caught my eye (1)!

Enjoy a green bowl at lunch

At lunchtime, I really enjoy the peace and beauty of the Place de la Canourgue (2). It’s close to our Arc de Triomphe and has always been my favourite place in the city centre. I make a stop on the terrace of “Napoleon Dynamite”, drink lemonade and enjoy one of the super bowls that Sarah offers; the green bowl veggie has my preference.

Visit an exhibition during the afternoon

In the afternoon, I often select an exhibition at the Pavilion Populaire of the Fabre Museum or at Espace Saint Ravy. If my walk leads me to the street of the rue de l’Ancien Courrier, emblematic medieval street of the city centre, I return to the Gallery de l’Ancien Courrier to see what’s on. I make beautiful discoveries, and I also come across new paintings of artists that Claire, the gallerist, presents regularly.

Have your apéro on a terrace or out of town

At the sacrosanct apéritif time, I like to sit on a terrace and have a drink. There are hundreds of places to find in L’Ecusson… Or I take my car and drive away from the city in the direction of the seaside, for an improvised picnic on the beach (3). Another option is going to the countryside and head for one of the small villages north from Montpellier to find a little … freshness.


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