La canicule: 5 tips from Valérie Castan how to survive it in style

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Summer has arrived in the South of France, and so has “la canicule”. Like every year, temperatures keep rising during this heatwave. As a Dutch-girl, I unfortunately don’t have that natural French “je-ne-sais-quoi”. When I dare to take a step outside our cool, thick walled house, I literally start dripping sweat the third step I take. Not to mention my make-up, which melts instantly in the Summer heat. I try, I really do, but somehow heat and I don’t go well together.

Tips for la canicule

Time to ask a French girl if she would reveal some of her secrets to looking fresh in Summer. I asked the charming and always well-dressed Valérie Castan. She runs a wine Domaine with her brother and is also known as The Francunian. (P.s. All pictures below are from Valérie’s Instagram).

canicule Valérie
Tiles Valérie

Grab a fan

The Spanish had it all figured it out with this necessary Summer accessory. I have some in different colours (usually gifts from my Spanish friends), and I try to match it with the colour of my outfit, but that’s not mandatory!

Go for lighter fabrics

I try to go for light linen, and/or cotton fabric. Something breezy and breathable!

Choose floaty items

I love to feel free in my clothing, therefore I avoid things that are too tight. I love wide leg trousers, Summer dresses – long and short – and skirts, also long and short. As for tops, a good tank top or a classic t-shirt in a light fabric always works.

canicule Valérie
canicule Valérie

Wear a hat and some shades

First, a hat will keep your face shaded which is a great way to protect your skin; then it will add some oooomph to your outfit. It is a nice finishing touch that will help you keep your cool on those hot Summer days. Your eyes also need to be cared for, and shades can truly protect the fragile skin of your eyes. Have fun with them but make sure the lenses are good ones, polarised lenses are the best, in my honest opinion.

A lighter routine

My Summer moisturiser/make up routine is usually slightly tweaked from my Winter one, especially during la canicule. I go for a lighter moisturiser that contains aloe vera, and I add a drop of organic SPF50 and some organic carrot oil for a healthy glow. For my make-up, a natural mineral powder will do the trick. I add some mineral bronzer on my cheeks for a bit of colour and a waterproof mascara, et voilà!

canicule Valérie
canicule Valérie


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