Les Mains Libre’s Christmas market at Béziers’ Padel Club

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Les Mains Libre’s Christmas market - Bézier’s Padel Club

As a Dutchie, we celebrate Saint Nicolas on the 5th of December. This means that our brood has already received their presents and I’m done for this year. So no more frantically stressing out and looking for the perfect gift for me. However, I still like visiting a few Christmas markets every year (see previous posts here and here) to get some local presents for family and friends. Last weekend I visited the Christmas market of creative collective Les Mains Libre, which they organised at the Padel Club in Béziers.

Padel Club

Les Mains Libre is my kind of creative collective, as they promote original and hand-made creations by local artists. Each year, they organise a Christmas market and this year’s location was Béziers’ Padel Club. I already knew the club, as oldest did a course there last summer and absolutely loved it. Padel is a fairly new sport, which originated in Mexico and came to France through Spain. The racquet sport combines elements of tennis, squash and badminton.

Les Mains Libre’s Christmas market - Bézier’s Padel Club


The Christmas market of Les Mains Libre was kind of small. But with the cool design of the Padel Club in the background, the setting was great. And the stands that were present all had very desirable products. It was very hard for me to resist the colourful bags of Baï de Langoué, the delicious creations of L’Atelier des Desserts, the fine jewellery of Ila Bella and the original lamps by Jeanne et Juliette. Just to name a few, as there was more – from handmade bags to delicate ceramics and even fabulous fashion.

Les Mains Libre’s Christmas market - Bézier’s Padel Club


It’s good to know that Les Mains Libre organise more than just one event per year. Keep an eye out for their “Rendez-vous des Créateurs”. And if you’re interested in a cool, not too complicated sport, Béziers’ Padel Club is the place to go. If not for yourself, then you can also go and support your friends or family while enjoying a nice plate of tapas. Keep the cool places coming to Béziers, yay!

Les Mains Libre’s Christmas market - Bézier’s Padel Club


Follow Les Mains Libres on Facebook if you’d like to be informed about upcoming events. And if you would like to try out padel, you can contact Béziers’ Padel Club, they even have an English trainer.

Les Mains Libres


Bézier’s Padel Club
5 avenue Henri Galinier
34500 Béziers
+33 (0)9 54 73 45 12


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