Marché du Lez: the creative playground in Montpellier

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Sometimes you find such a special place that you rather want to keep for yourself. However, this one is so great that it needs to be shared! It’s Marché du Lez, a creative hot-spot in Montpellier. More like a village in the city, Marché du Lez gathers together all the good things in life. Brocantes, restaurants, a wine cave, an antique shop to name a few, you will find it all here. I instantly became a fan of this bubbling breeding ground of creativity.

Amazing wall art

Marché du Lez settled in a former mas, a printing workshop and some industrial and agricultural warehouses just outside of Montpellier on the banks of the River Lez. It stretches over 3,500 m2 of land, enough space for their wild ideas. When entering the inner courtyard for the first time, I was immediately drawn to the amazing and highly Instagrammable wall art. Street artists like BMX, Al Sticking, Koralie and Supakitch were responsible for the cool decoration at the heart of the venue.

No label

It is difficult to label Marché du Lez, as it combines so many things. Designers, brocanteurs, architects, chefs, local producers: they all contribute to creating this artistic, gastronomic and cultural playground. Eco- and DIY-friendly of course. The initiators at GAIA Promotion envisioned one space where the creative energies of the region could make a real home, a desirable place. And they succeeded; you immediately feel comfortable and relaxed at Marché du Lez.

Food for creativity

Obviously, all this creativity needs to be nourished. And there are several restaurants to be discovered. From Lady Sushi to La Baraquette for a meal with friends and a bistrot gastronomique by the Pourcel brothers. I enjoyed a simple but great Mediterranean lunch on the terrace at La Cachette. But I will definitely come back to try the others!

New way of life

There are a lot of things happening at Marché du Lez. Markets, events, exhibitions, apéros and much more are regularly held here. All to invite young and old, family and friends to a new, contemporary and responsible way of life full of innovation and creativity. And the best part is that they are still developing, it is an ongoing process with many many more initiatives.


You will find Marché du Lez on the banks of the River Lez, not far from the A9 highway. Parking is free. If you want to make a reservation for one of the restaurants, it’s best is to contact them directly. You will find their details, and much more, on the Marché du Lez website.

Marché du Lez
1348 avenue Raymond Dugrand
34000 Montpellier
+33 (0)6 95 47 57 73


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