The world’s top kitesurfers at the Mondial du Vent

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Every year in April, the “Mondial du Vent” takes place on the beach of La Franqui in Leucate. This kiteboarding event is the first stop of the “GKA (Global Kitesports Association) Kiteboarding World Tour”. Seven days of competitions with the world’s top competitors will guarantee excitement, adrenaline and thrilling competition in a friendly, open atmosphere.

Blue sky, strong wind

Last year, I went on a day with the perfect weather conditions: blue sky combined with a strong wind. Leucate is famous for this North Westerly wind, also known as “La Tramontana”. The powerful Tramontana is strongly present for 300 days out of the year, with a wind speed of at least force four, or more. Just before arriving at La Franqui Beach, I came across a demonstration of windsurfing. I never knew you could jump so high with a rigid surfboard…

Unique conditions

When arriving at the actual La Franqui Beach, it was clear I wasn’t the only one interested. Le Mondial du Vent is one of the most impressive stops on the Kiteboarding World Tour. Due to its challenging and unique conditions, the riders can come really close to the beach with guaranteed safety. Therefore, the audience can have a very close look at all the impressive stunts executed by the riders.

Amazing tricks

The Mondial du Vent includes several competitions. Unique for the 2018 edition, was that Le Mondial du Vent hosted the first stop of the “GKA Kiteboarding World Tour – Air Games”. To get the highest score, you had to show your technique, a variety of tricks and control of the kite. During this competition I could admire the best riders in the world, making the highest and most spectacular aerial jumps and configurations. Amazing to see all the tricks the riders performed!


The Mondial du Vent takes place annually in April at La Franqui Beach, check out their website for more details.


When arriving at Leucate, signs will direct you to a large parking lot, specially set up for this event. The fee is 3 euros for the whole day. A free shuttle service is available; however, the walk to the beach is nice as well.

Office de Tourisme
Espace Henry de Monfreid
Port Leucate
11370 Leucate
+33 (0)4 68 40 91 31

Office de Tourisme

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