Saperlipopette: great festival for children in Montpellier

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Once a year in May, the festival “Saperlipopette” settles down in Montpellier. This festival for youth has a lot to offer. Not only theatrical performances but also workshops in arts and sports, a parade of giant marionettes and a field full of board games. Enough entertainment to keep your kids and yourself going for hours!

Cultural heart of Montpellier

Domaine d’O is located in the heart of Montpellier and is the departmental domain of art and culture. In the middle of a 23 hectares beautiful, well-maintained park, you will find the Théâtre d’O (220 seats), the Château d’O, and the Amphithéâtre d’O (1800 seats). The park is open to the public, and it is just lovely to wander around. There are restaurants at the Domaine d’O, but I would strongly suggest bringing a picnic. Nothing beats a luncheon on a blanket under an olive tree.


The Château d’O dates back to the 18th century and is classified as a historical monument. The castle was an ancient Montpellier “Folie”, meaning “Folly” or a building that was mainly constructed for decoration. It was only in 1958 that the run down estate was restored by the General Council of the Hérault. Soon enough it became an important cultural centre.

Fun and laughter

Since 1997, the festival of Saperlipopette is organised. Saperlipopette is quite an out-of-date word which you won’t hear a lot anymore, and means “goodness me”. Although the word is rather peculiar, it does stick in my mind. It makes me smile by the funny sound of it. So does the festival. The atmosphere is very relaxed and cheerful. Everywhere you see kids playing and laughing, looking for new adventures. It is challenging to show our kids the park, as they discover something new on every corner.

Great show

In the end, we manage to see a show. The kids love to watch “Tutti in Valigia” of street artist, joker and clown Luigi Ciotta. He plays a concierge of a hotel, who brings live in old suitcases. No talking, just his mimicry is enough for the audience to enjoy and laugh.


The festival Saperlipopette is held at the Domaine d’O in Montpellier every year in May. From Montpellier, the festival travels through the Hérault. There are many, many theatre shows; it is advisable to check the program on the website of Domaine d’O for more information. Some shows are free, some paid. You can buy tickets in advance or at the “billeterie” (box office) of Entrance Nord, the only entrance to the festival. All tickets are the same price: 6 euro per person, from 0 to 120 years.


During the festival Saperlipopette, the only open entrance is “entrée Nord” at 1778 rue de la Carrierasse. There are two car parks just next to Domaine d’O. You can try to park your car here, otherwise, try to park along the roads as many people do.

Domaine d’O
178 rue de la Carrierasse (Entrée Nord)
Rond point du chateau d’O
34090 Montpellier
+33 (0)8 00 20 01 65

Domaine d'O

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