La Villa Guy is a hidden gem in the heart of Béziers

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La Villa Guy Béziers

Once the beautiful gate of La Villa Guy in Béziers opens its doors to you, you have arrived in heaven. This prestigious villa more looks like a small castle, and offers six luxurious rooms that radiate style and design. And if you want to pamper yourself even more, you can book a spa treatment. Or take a dip in the outdoor pool with views over the lush one-hectare garden. You would never guess that this oasis of peace and serenity lies hidden in the middle of bustling Béziers!

Guy brothers

La Villa Guy was built between 1868 and 1870 for a Swiss couple. The Guy brothers, important winemakers in the region, acquired the estate in 1916, and from then on it carried the brothers’ name. Chéri and I entered the magnificent manor via the monumental hall with sweeping stairs, and I couldn’t resist taking a few “selfeets” of the gorgeous tiled floor. All the rooms, named after local celebrities, differ in size and have their own character. However, they all share the same level of comfort and bright design.

La Villa Guy Béziers

Jean Magrou

Chéri and I were invited to stay in the intimate room ‘Jean Magrou’, a sculptor from Béziers. Not just any local sculptor, as he immortalized Jeanne Guy, daughter of one of the initial owners of Villa Guy. Her bust stands proudly in the garden, along with other sculptures created by his skilled hands. It is details like this that make this place even more magical. Not to mention that our room is just perfect. I especially love the open bathroom, with its freestanding, elegant bathtub. It was difficult to leave this comfortable cocoon to explore the villa, let alone the city!

La Villa Guy Béziers


The next morning, breakfast was served in the big lounge decorated in Napoleonic style. But as we’re in the South of France, we ate outside on the beautiful balcony while looking at the tempting swimming pool. After a little walk in the park, where we discovered more statues by Magrou and his colleague Injalbert, we couldn’t resist a dip in the turquoise water. We still hadn’t left the premises yet!

La Villa Guy Béziers


La Villa Guy is the perfect place for a romantic getaway. I had a peak in some of the other rooms, and they all exude great design with a twist. Every room has its own little in-jokes, distinguished colour palettes, sumptuous beds and original modern art. I absolutely loved all the modern chandeliers hanging in every room, giving them a glamorous touch. If you are looking for a unique city escape to get a real taste of the South of France, consider going to Béziers. Instead of keeping this secret hideaway to myself, I can only but highly recommend La Villa Guy to make your stay perfect!

La Villa Guy Béziers


La Villa Guy is an exceptional hotel in the heart of Béziers, offering six two-person bedrooms from 165 to 220 euros per night, including breakfast. The gardens and pool are only accessible to guests. If you want to relax completely, you can book one of the spa packages.

La Villa Guy
2, rue Giuseppe Verdi
34500 Béziers, France
+33 (0)4 67 35 26 49


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